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Muhammad Ali - History 19-DVD Box Set :.

Simply the Greatest Of All Time, Muhammad Ali had it all - speed, power, grace, heart, skill and most of all longevity. He remained at the top throughout his career and his appeal reached all. He was so much more than a boxer and he wasn't afraid to tell people about it.

He was the most recognized person on the planet for years and probably still is today. Ali is pure boxing royalty & a true living legend who defied the odds throughout his whole boxing career.

This beautifully presented DVD collection features 50 of Ali's fights with enough bonus features and documentaries to keep you watching for months.
The presentation of the DVDs, and the cover sleeve is second to none.
A beautifully designed piece of Ali memorabilia.
The DVDs fit nicely into the box using high quality anti-static wallets as there is yet to be a big enough case designed to hold 19 discs !

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