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Muhammad Ali History DVD Box Set Contents List :.

Disc 1
Ali v Zbigniew Pietrzykowski (Olympic Games - 1960 Light Heavyweight Final)
Ali v Alonzo Johnson
Ali v Sonny Banks
Ali v Billy Daniels
Ali v Archie Moore
Ali v Doug Jones

Special Features
Ali v Doug Jones Pre-Fight

Disc Two
Ali v Henry Cooper 1
Ali v Sonny Liston 1
Ali v Sonny Liston 2

Special Features
Ali v Liston Pre Fight Weigh In

Disc Three
Ali v Floyd Patterson 1
Ali v George Chuvalo 1
Ali v Henry Cooper 2
Ali v Brian London

Special Features
When Harry Met Ali (Documentary)
Ali v Cooper 2 Build Up with Training + Interviews
Mike Tyson Special (3 Full Early Fights Taken From Mike Tyson History)

Disc Four
Ali v Karl Mildenberger
Ali v Cleveland Williams
Ali v Ernie Terrell

Disc Five
Ali v Zora Folley
Ali v Jerry Quarry 1
Ali v Oscar Bonavena

Special Features
Draft Induction Refusal + 3-Year Boxing Ban
Special Feature

Disc Six
Ali v Joe Frazier 1

Special Features
Ali v Frazier 1, Excellent Full Length Documentary "One Nation Divisable"

Disc Seven
Ali v Jimmy Ellis
Ali v Buster Mathis

Special Features
Michael Parkinson Interview with Ali (Part 1)

Disc Eight
Ali v Juergen Blin
Ali v Mac Foster
Ali v George Chuvalo 2

Disc Nine
Ali v Jerry Quarry 2
Ali v Alvin "Blue" Lewis
Ali v Floyd Patterson 2

Special Features
Michael Parkinson Interview with Ali (Part 2)


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Disc Ten
Ali v Bob Foster
Ali v Joe Bugner 1
Ali v Ken Norton 1

Disc Eleven
Ali v Ken Norton 2
Ali v Rudi Lubbers

Special Features
Pre-fight training special feature for Ali v Frazier 2

Disc Twelve
Ali v Joe Frazier 2
Ali v George Foreman (The Rumble In The Jungle)

Special Features
Pre-fight Studio Brawl between Ali and Frazier

Disc Thirteen
Ali v Chuck Wepner
Ali v Ron Lyle

Disc Fourteen
Ali v Joe Bugner 2
Ali v Joe Frazier 3 (The Thrilla In Manilla)

Disc Fifteen
Ali v Jean-Pierre Coopman
Ali v Jimmy Young
Ali v Richard Dunn

Special Features
Michael Parkinson Interview 2 (1975)
UK Sports Reviews showing various clips of Ali winning sports awards.

Disc Sixteen
Ali v Ken Norton 3
Ali v Alfredo Evangelista

Disc Seventeen
Ali v Earnie Shavers
Ali v Leon Spinks 1

Disc Eighteen
Ali v Leon Spinks 2
Ali v Larry Holmes

Special Features

Interview with Ali in 1978 after defeating Spinks

Disc Nineteen
Ali v Trevor Berbick (This was Ali's last fight before retiring in 1981)

Special Features

Michael Parkinson Interview with Muhammad Ali From 1980.
"The Greatest" - Feature Length Documentary on Muhammad Ali folloeing his career from the very beginning (including highlights from his professional debut against Tunney Honsaker) right up to his present life outside of boxing

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