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Mike Tyson History DVD Box Set Contents List :.

Disc 1
Interview with Cus D'Amato and Tyson with Howard Cosell
Tyson v Milligan (Amateur)
Tyson v Tillman II (Olympic Trials 1984)

Tyson v Hector Mercedes
Tyson vTrent Singleton
Tyson v Don Halirn
Tyson v Rick Spain
Tyson v John Alderson
Tyson v Lorenzo Canady
Tyson v Michael Johnson
Tyson v Donnie Long
Tyson v Robert Colay
Tyson v Sterling Benjamin
Tyson v Eddie Richardson
Tyson v Conroy Nelson
Tyson v Sammy Scaff
Tyson v Mark Young
Tyson v Dave Jaco
Tyson v Mike Jameson

Disc Two
Tyson v Jesse Ferguson
Tyson v Steve Zouski
Tyson v James Tillis

Special Features
Various Tyson one on one interviews

Disc Three
Tyson v Mitch Green
Tyson v Reggie Gross
Tyson v William Hosea
Tyson v Lorenzo Boyd
Tyson v Marvis Frazier
Tyson v Jose Ribalta

Special Features
Great build up to Tyson v Frazier with interviews with Marvis, Tyson and Joe Frazier.
Footage of Marvis training in his fathers gymnasium.

Disc Four
Tyson v Alfonzo Ratliff
Tyson v Trevor Berbick
Tyson v James Smith
Tyson v Pinklon Thomas

Disc Five
Tyson v Tony Tucker
Tyson v Tyrell Biggs
Tyson v Larry Holmes

Disc Six
Tyson v Tony Tubbs
Tyson v Michael Spinks
Tyson v Frank Bruno I
Tyson v Carl Williams

Special Features
Build up to Tyson Bruno (Short).
Post fight press conference with Tyson and Don King
Sparring in Tokyo prior to fight with Tony Tubbs

Disc Seven
Tyson v James Douglas
Tyson v Henry Tillman

Special Features
Buster Dougles talks through the entire contest explaining his feelings coming into the fight as the biggest underdog in history and how he overcame the odds to defeat Mike Tyson.

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Disc Eight
Tyson v Alex Stewart
Tyson v Donovan Ruddock I
Tyson v Donovan Ruddock II

Special Features
Spike Lee feature on Tyson with great footage and interviews
Training special following Tyson's daily training routine and an interview
inside the famous Catskill Gym where it all started.

Disc Nine
Tyson v Peter McNeeley
Tyson v Buster Mathis
Tyson v Frank Bruno II
Tyson v Bruce Seldon

Special Features
Training footage including a heavy bag workout, a sparring special and a training montage featuring loads of rare Tyson training video all
pieced together.

Disc 10 - Holyfield Special
Tyson v Evander Holyfield I
Tyson v Evander Holyfield II

Special Features
Build-up to Tyson v Holyfield II with weigh in's, training, analysis and interviews with both fighters.

Disc Eleven
Tyson v Francois Botha
Tyson v Orlin Norris
Tyson v Julius Francis
Tyson v Lou Savarese
Tyson v Andrew Golota

Special Features
Extensive Pre-fight footage from Tyson's long awaited return against Botha following his ban for incidents in the Holyfield II bout.

Disc Twelve
Tyson v Brian Nielsen
Tyson v Lennox Lewis
T yson v Clifford Etienne
Tyson v Danny Williams

Disc Thirteen
Tyson v Kevin McBride

Special Features
Tyson Biography Documentary (2006)

Disc Fourteen
Tyson - Beyond The Glory Documentary (2003)
Interviews with Tyson from 1996 to 2005

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